• Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek


Trip Facts

  •    Country: Nepal
  •    Trip grade: Easy
  •    Destination: Annapurna
  •    Activities: Trekking
  •    Accommodation: Hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara/ Lodges on the trek
  •    Meals: BB in Kathmandu and pokhara, Full board on trek.
  •    Maximum altitude: 3210m
  •    Group size: 2 person and above
  •    Best Season: September to November, March to May

Trip Higlights

Eyewitness the mighty sunrise and sunset views that you will reminisce of throughout your life.

Panoramas of world high mountains named among top mountains in the whole world or instance Dhaulagiri (8167 meters), Manaslu (8163 meters), Annapurna I (8091 meters), and other Himalayas as well like Tukuche peak etcetera.

Exotic high-altitude lakes, alpine luxuriant forest landscapes make this trek worth every penny you spend for it.

The very felicitous vantage point for 360-degree scenery.

The strenuous trek can be accomplished as an Independent hike.

Recipient of heartfelt amity and hospitality of the locals.

Short trek sure to replenish your heart and soul with ecstasy, and alacrity. 


Trip Information

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is a stunning beauty and time friend trekking destination that lies in north-central Nepal. It is one of the best things to do in Nepal according to trekkers' information and advice. Ghorepani is one of the brilliant trekking hubs where can see the sunrise and sunset of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan snow peaks. It is one of the best places to learn the unique culture of the Gurung in Ghandruk, Pun Magar in Ghorepani, and Thakali- in Birethanti. But also can learn the tradition, lifestyle of countryside people, language and religion too.

This trekking also called Annapurna sunrise trek and start from Naya pul- after 45 kilometer driving from a tourist city of Nepal Pokhara. This trekking can be undertaken within 2 to 7 days depends on trekking starting points and ending points. The best month for trekking is march because of the Rhododendron flower booms all over Ghorepani village and October- stable weather. ThisTrekking is the most popular, easy, and short trekking route in Annapurna Region.

Find Trek details with the best time to go, cost, map, weather, and difficulty is necessary before starting the trekking and before booking. Ghorepani Trek is not the best trek for seasonal trekkers but its best destination for hiking for occasional travelers because of its beauty, flowering, nature lovers, short holiday travelers.

The main attraction for this trekking is paddy fields, Gurung Museum in Ghandruk, Stunning sunrise and sunset view from Poonhill with 14 highest mountain including two 8000m high mountain- Annapurna1(8091m), Dhaulagiri 1(8167m), Modi rivers from Annapurna mountain glacier, and lots of streams, and culture of countryside peoples. For the trekkers who have a long holiday, the duration can join Annapurna base camp trek or Mardi Himal Trekking with Poonhill trek.     

Short Itinerary:

Itinerary can be different according to the trekking duration and starting point or ending point of the trek. Here is the most common itinerary where travelers took already and it starts in Kathmandu and ends in Kathmandu. 

 Day 1st: Drive or flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara (200km) {7 hours driving or 25 minutes flight}

Day 2nd: Drive from Pokhara to Nayapul (1060 meter/3478feet) and trek from Nayapul  to Ulleri(1960 meter /6430feet)[12km]{4 to 5 hours trekking}

 Day 3rd: Trek from Ulleri(1960m) to Ghorepani (2860 m/9383feet)[8km]{5 hours trekking}

 Day 4th: Ghorepani (2860 m) to Poon Hill(3210 m/10532feet) to Tadapani(2600 m/8530feet)[13km Including morning hike]{7 hours trekking include morning poonhill}

 Day 5th: Tadapani (2600 m) to Ghandruk (1940 m/6365feet)[9.5km]{3 hours trek}

 Day 6th: Trek from Ghandruk to Nayapul and drive from Nayapul to Pokhara [13.2km trek and 45 kilometersdriving]{6 hours trek and 2 hours driving}

Day 7th: Drive or flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu { 7 hours drive or 25 minutes flight}[200km]

Trekking Poonhill solo or organized tour?

There are two kinds of trekking systems in Nepal. Independent trek and organized trek. Each type of trekking has numerous advantages and disadvantages. In comparison, MHTAE suggests travelers as organized trek with guide and porter. In concern of safety please choose a guide and porter from a reputed trekking agency in Kathmandu and before confirming your holiday consult with the company with their reputation and legal documents.   Lak of knowledge, missing out in trails, limitations of rooms managed by your guide so best organized trek. 

Trekking permits:

If you will going to do the Poonhill trek you must have both trekking permits called Trekkers information Management systems permits(TIMS) and Annapurna Conservation area project permits(ACAP).
if you are going to do the organized trek with the company your all procedure will make by MHT staff before your arrival in Nepal. Please send your passport copy, photo, and flight information for this process earlier. For permits of Annapurna conservation area RS 3000(around US$ 30) and for TIMS permits US$ 10 or 20 depends on you choose organized trek or independent trek. 


Generally in trekking twin sharing rooms are available. they are quiet and clean but not luxurious. many guesthouses are outside common sharing toilet and shower facilities. they have a small tiny dining hall for breakfast lunch and dinner and cold season fireplaces. depends on your request and availability MHTAE provide you a room with an attached bathroom and shower in 3 days.  

Mobile and camera Battery Charging:

Generally, all the teahouses have facilities of Battey charging. Some guesthouse they provide the charging facilities inside your sleeping room but numerous teahouses they provide facilities in the dining hall. all the tourist domestic and international can charge there. 


Basically, the food in trekking in the Himalayan region in Nepal is basic but in Poonhill you can have the choice of numerous foods. Nepali Tibetan Indian and continental dishes can be available during your trekking. many foods and organic and grown in local communities. Honestly, the food in Nepal not bad during the trekking. The food price gradually increases during altitude increases. The famous dish s Dal Bhat can be buffet all over Nepal without extra add-on cost. Soup, Pizza, Noodles, Spaghetti, Rice, Eggs, Momos are very popular dis in Nepal trekking. 

Renting gear for the trek:

Please bring your normal hiking gear from your hometown. For the down jacket and sleeping bag, you can rent either in Kathmandu or in Pokhara with US$ 1 per piece per day for each item. If you purchase some trekking gear in Kathmandu and Pokhara its will be very cheap also but the quality is normal. 

Drinking water in Ghorepani Trek:

The most concerned questions of trekkers are drinking water. there are some opportunities in teahouses you can buy drinking water bottles. but numerous restaurants do not sell plastic bottles because of the control of plastic pollution. you can refill hot water or cold refined drinking water in your own bottle with pay. If you like a budget trip, you can bring your own purification tablets or chlorine drops for a water purifier from the taps. 

Sim card and Wifi:

MHT strongly advises you to buy a sim card during your arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuvan international airport. Where you need a passport-sized photo and visa copy with your passport. 2 major sim card companies are popular in Nepal. Ncell and NTC both are the same coverage during the trek. The network of both companies is very good in cities and poor in trekking areas. but you can send messages to your family and friends many days during trekking. Many teahouses you can find WIFi but it's not free. You need to pay US$ 1  for 1 whole day and night during trekking. 

Transportation for Poonhill treks:

From the airport to your respective hotel taxi or private car will highly be recommended by MHT. From city Kathmandu to Pokhara we will suggest you take a flight in just 25 minutes. But there is numerous transportation system like a private car, Local Bus, Tourist Bus and Luxurious tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara and returns. From Pokhara to Trekking starting point and returns we will suggest you take a taxi or private transport. Because public transport service is very slow and poor. and Vice Versa when you will back after complete your trekking. 

Local Currency in the trek:

When you trekking Nepal many parts of trekking will accept US$ but MHTAE suggests you change Local currency. This currency can change either in the airport of Nepal Kathmandu or some money exchange in the city. The exchange rate is lower in high altitude and sometimes they ignore to change too. so we suggest you change to Kathmandu for your convenience and best exchange rates.

Medical facilities:

Normally the guide has first aid training. For normal sickness and treatment, he can help you. like Diarrhea, Vomiting, fever, headache, bleeding, and some more. But in all the cases they are not doctors so they cannot help. but they can support you to bring the health post or hospital nearby. like Ghandruk, Lower Ghorepani, and Ulleri there is a Health post. In case if you need extra medical facilities you can go to their office for your treatment. 

Any risk in Ghorepani Poon Hill trekking?

AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness is the dead risk associated with trekking. even trekking is a sporty sport there are several kinds of risk in it. Like heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall, Avalanche, earthquake, injury, vital flue, and some other natural calamities. The main AMS means when you get the high altitude your body fails to adjust to change the pressure associated with altitude and this can be fatal. 

Trek Difficulty:

This trek does not require prior training and a high level of physical fitness because it's an easy to moderate trekking destination near the Himalayas. Its no risk of High altitude sickness because it's situated in the lower elevation of Nepal with 2850m altitude sleeping places. 

Poon Hill preparation checklist
Ensure your passport has at least 6 months valid period from the entry date.
2.Tourist Visa document
Apply on arrival Visa or ensure that you have applied for a Nepal visa before departure, print out, and bring along with the visa grant notice.
You may bring either backpack or trolley suitcase as luggage, but please avoid overloading. (flight check-in luggage weight according to your own limit per traveler).
Cities stay at the hotel, countryside stays at the guesthouse, during trekking stay at the wooden cabin (with attached bath and toilet).
During spring in Poon Hill, the temperature gap is huge between day and night. The estimated temperature is between 15°C – -4°C. at night drops drastically to minus4°C.
Capital city Kathmandu and Pokhara is slightly warmer, day time could reach over 24°C to 7°C.
Nepal food is similar to Indian food, Naan and rice are staple diets, dishes are mainly curried base.
7.Road Condition
The mountainous winding roads, at times, bumpy drive and sometimes may encounter mudslides which cause
a roadblock. Beware of motion sickness.
Nepal currency is called Rupee (NPR), the exchange rate is about 1USD = 114 NPR. You may buy NPR at
your residence country (but poor exchange rate); It’s advisable to bring USD or Euro to NPR and
 exchange foreign notes into local currency upon arrival.
9.Estimated Personal Expenses
Meals: Breakfast from NPR 200-300 (USD 2-3), lunch and dinner from NPR 300-700 (USD 3-7), Set aside
Roughly USD 50 for all meals throughout the tour.
Tips?Local driver and guide expect tips from their guests, each tour member chips in roughly 20 USD, pool fund to tip driver and guide.
Extra Tips: Advice individual extra tips for those attentive guides, porter, and driver. *Overall, USD 200 should be enough to cover basic spending for the entire trip (exclude shopping).
10.Electronic items & Internet Connection
Bring a charger, power bank, spare batteries for your electronic devices. Also, bring a universal multi-plug adapter. Not every hotel provides WIFI.

Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu to Pokhara

 Your Ghorepani Poon Hill trek begins in Kathmandu. This 6-7-hour scenic drive offers you a sneak peek of natural diversity in Nepal. You would be impressed as you realize how a diversified resource here is. This drive will give you a slight hint of what is waiting for you when you reach Poon Hill. You can also opt for a flight to Pokhara where you can have an aerial view of the beauty that Nepal is.

 Day 02: Pokhara to Nayapul to Ulleri 

After a 1-hour drive from Pokhara to Nayapul, the Ghorepani trek officially begins. Throughout the hike you will pass through verdant hills, flowing rivers as well as local villages. You would walk through the suspension bridge over Tikhedhunga Khola which is beautiful. Trekkers can perceive various mountain peaks like Annapurna south (7219 meters), Hiuchuli (6441 meters ), and many more. The hospitality of the local villages will leave you wanting for more. After this long and hectic day, you would stay overnight at a lodge. Enjoy the local or any other cuisine as per your choice.

 Day 03: Ulleri to Ghorepani

 This part of the trek involves the trekkers walking in the woods for most of the day. Depending upon your season of arrival, you are likely to witness a variety of diversity. Blooming Rhododendron flower will bless your trek if you are trekking in Spring. You will see many flora and fauna making your trek livelier. From Ulleri, it will take you about 5 hours to arrive at Ghorepani covering a distance of 2874 meters. Amazing views of snow overlaid mountain is waiting for you here.

 Day 04; Ghorepani to Poon Hill to Tadapani 

Start very early in the morning to view Poon Hill with sunrise. This is one of the most exquisite things you will ever see. The hike to Poon Hill takes around 1.5 hours. The Poon Hill offers one with magnificent landscapes of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri range, Fishtail. After returning back to the hotel for a meal, the trek extends to Gurung Hill and drives down through forests, following the trail you arrive at Tadapani. This might take as much as 6 hours of walking.

 Day 05: Tadapani to Ghandruk village

 The trek goes forth through the forest and you are likely to come across monkeys there. You will be starting this day with breakfast in the hotel and continuing the trek to sightsee the beauty of Ghandruk. there are certain additional things to explore here like the Gurung museum.

 Day 06: Ghandruk to Nayapul to Pokhara

Following the easy trail via farmlands, you will tag along the Modi river to arrive at Nayapul and then drive to Pokhara. You will have breakfast in the hotel and start the trial. You can take a walk around the city and Phewa lake after arriving in Pokhara.

 Day 07: Drive to Kathmandu Via tourist bus, 

you would be arriving in Kathmandu after having breakfast in Pokhara. You will enjoy the final day as you peek at the beautiful villages, rivers etcetera. You can visit the temples and Durbar Square in Kathmandu if you have a couple of hours.


Cost Details

What is included?

Meals: Breakfast Lunch and dinner during the trekking provided from the tea house menu according to your choice of food.

            Breakfast in city Kathmandu and Pokhara

Accommodation: Tea house/ Lodges or Guesthouse in twin sharing room in trekking

                              3 star standard Private single or twin rooms in the city like Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Trekking Equipment: Sleeping bag and down jacket(Have to be returned after trek completion)

Permits: ACAP Permits for Annapurna conservation area project entry

              TIMS permits for Trekkers information Management systems information of Tourist

              Local permit for Poonhill sunrise entry.

Medicine: First Aid Medicine with chlorine drops for water cleaning 

                An oximeter for your pulse and oxygen level checking carried by your trek leader

Trekking crews: A highly experienced trekking leader who guides you during the trekking.

                         Twin sharing porter for carrying your luggage

                         An assistant guide (only if your group size more than 6 people)

Transportation: Airport to Kathmandu hotel and hotel to Kathmandu airport during arrival and departure of international flight time.

                           Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu transportation with tourist Bus

                            Pokhara to trekking starting point Nayapul and Nayapul to Pokhara by private vehicle (before and after the trek)

Insurance: Insurance of Trekking guide porter and assistant guides(your insurance not include)

Extras: Welcome or farewell dinner

             Trekking completion certificate signed by a guide and company manager

            Trekking Maps

What is not included?

  • Nepal visa fee US$ 30 for 15 days, US$ 50 for 30 days, and US$ 120 for 90 days.
  • International flight ticket from Your country to Nepal and Nepal to your country.
  • Your travel, emergency rescue, and Insurance cost.
  • All the Sightseeing costs in Kathmandu and Pokhara. 
  • Food rather than the above-mentioned itinerary, Telephone Bills, Laundry charges, Hot shower, Wifi and Internet, Battery Charging, Hot and cold drinks during the trekking.
  • Extra porter costs during the trekking.
  • Lunch and dinner cost in Kathmandu and Pokhara rather than the itinerary.
  • The further cost like Cost increased by natural disasters, Flight delays, Early arrival then the scheduled trekking. 
  • Tips and Gift for guide and porter
  • Other costs not mentioned in the cost includes section. 


Useful info

Drinking water:

Drinking water is available all over the lodges and tea houses. someday you can get a mineral water bottle. but someday you only get safe drinking water which you need to fill in your bottle. because of plastic pollution, you can not buy a mineral water bottle. either you buy boiled water or cold-safe water fill in your bottle. the cost can be a rise in higher altitude. They are very safe for a drink. So please bring two water bottles. one for hot water and one for cold water. Or you can fill normal water freely from lodges and use your chlorine drops or pills for purifying.


Chowmin or fried noodles, Momo, Pasta, Spaghetti, Pizza, Rice, and many foods are available during the trekking. The best dish is Nepali Thali or Dal Bhat set Because you can add more without paying extra or its buffet. The food includes Rice, vegetables, curry, meat, lentil soup, and Pickle. In Nepal one proverb "Dal Bhat power 24 hours" helps you to trek long without hunger. For the breakfast, tea house provides eggs in your style with different kinds of tea coffee, or hot chocolate, choices of bread-like pancake toast Tibetan bread or chapati, and many more. So Food is not a major concern in trekking.

 Internet Facilities: 

Without the internet, living is too difficult day by day. face to face connected with friends and family is the wish of adventure seekers. sharing the moments of trekking with your close friend or family is most important. here are some ways to get WiFi and the internet in Everest base camp trekking.

No matter where you are in the Annapurna region the wifi of Tea houses always keeps you connected. In all the major areas of the Annapurna region, WIFI is available. Some places will be free but some of the guesthouses charge you $1 to $5 for one day 24 hour internet. But the internet not very fast enough. 

Mobile internet:

The Nepal Telecom and Ncell Mobile data can be work in some parts of Annapurna Region Trekking like Ulleri, Ghorepani, Tadapani, Ghandruk, and Chhomrong. But make sure that all parts of the Annapurna region cannot be the signal or poor signal mobile call and internet.

 Accommodation and shower:

Poonhill is one of the popular trekking destinations of Nepal. For the accommodation of this trek in the city you can have budget or luxury hotels. but in trekking time most likely you can get either 2 soft twin bedrooms. the toilet is outside sharing. In some of the tea houses like Ulleri, Ghorepani, and Ghandruk you can get the room inside the toilet and hot shower. this hot shower sometimes can be out of control because of solar and gas. But the toilet you can use. You can consult with your guide for your best accommodation. someplace you need to pay for a shower some tea houses are free. Most likely the shower is solar or from Gas.

Trekking gear:


Boots and spare laces, Light shoes/trainers, Down jacket, Fleece or sweater, Shirts*3, Socks*3, Trekking trousers (or a long skirt for a woman), Waterproof jacket /poncho/ umbrella

Overtrousers, Underwear (including thermals), Gloves, Woolen Hat/ balaclava, Sunhat, 

Other Essential items

First Aid Kitbag, Trekking poles, Sleeping bag(4 seasons +), Sleeping bag liner, Water bottle (min 1-liter capacity) a thermal better choice, Headtorch, Batteries for camera and torch. Sunglasses, Sun cream (SPF 50) and lip salve, Towel and washing kit, Money belt, Map, Whistle, Toilet paper and lighter, Passport, Small padlock (to secure kitbag and lodge bedroom)

Optional things:

Notebook and pens, Altimeter, Binoculars, Gaiters, Plastic bags, Insulation Mat, Camera and plenty of drives, Personal snacks, and other games equipment

Note: do not bring too many things because porter can carry a maximum of 25 kilos and airlines not allow to bring more than 20 kilos or 15 kilos only for Lukla flights.

WE(MHTAE) always tries to give you almost all the useful information that you will be needed before trekking. If you have some other questions regarding the trip please feel free to email, comment, or inbox us. 

Customer Reviews

Amazing trekking in Nepal with Professional Guide.

Ying ping Nora Lee | HK,China.

Rating: 5

We are very glad to join Mission Himalaya Treks in Oct 2018 and have Birendra as our city guide in Kathmandu and trekking guide in 4 days of Poonhill trek. He is well experienced, caring, reliable and helpful that he provides the service and arrangement of transport and accommodation to be excellent really amazing. Besides he is full of humor and funny which makes our trip be enjoyable to ask us lots of jokes. I highly recommend him and the company to everyone and look forward to trekking with him again.

Best wishes to you and your company.

clara | china

Rating: 5

my, deeply thanks your care kindest to me during these past 10 days. Thank you! I have the super greatest holiday in Nepal with you (of coz with HL too) I am lucky and happy to have such a great Trekker. U helping me finished my 5 days 4-night Poonhill trek. what an unforgettable but super Amazing moment with you.. a good memory in my lifetime During these days if I did something inappropriate kindly forgive me la!! a big hug and many wishes to you::

Let's keep in touch smile!!



$470 7% OFF

* Group Discount Available

why travel

Customer care and safety/A trustworthy team.

No hidden cost/A trustworthy company.

Financially secure/Repeated guests.

Flexible departure date/group size. 

High successful rate/safety.

Stress-free travel/worry-free travel.

Staff welfare/Contribution to our society.

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek Map

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