Frequently Asked Questions


1, What Is Hiking?
Answer: day Trekking not stay overnight is called Hiking and its organizing for fun and return to same starting point or different places
2, what kind of facilities you can get in tea houses?
Answer: Except the high altitude you can get private rooms with soft clean beds in most of the tea houses but toilet and shower room need to be share. They have hot shower and cold shower facilities. For cold shower free of charge but Hot shower need to pay around US$ 1 to US$ 5.

3, is it safe to eat during the trekking?
Answer: The big concern in trekking is food safety. Mission Himalaya treks take it very seriously. Our guide chooses the best clean comfortable and hygienic lodges or teahouses during your stay in Nepal.

4, what is trekking:
Answer: Trekking is not mean hiking. Trekking means walking on foot up and down more than 1 day.  Each and every day more than 3 hours.

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