• Gokyo RI Trek

Gokyo RI Trek


Trip Facts

  •    Country: Nepal
  •    Trip grade: Moderate
  •    Destination: Nepal
  •    Activities: Trekking
  •    Accommodation: Guest house in trek/ Hotel in city
  •    Meals: Full board in trek
  •    Maximum altitude: 5357m
  •    Group size: 2 to 24 pax
  •    Best Season: Sep-Nov,Mar-May

Trip Information

Gokyo Lake and Gokyo RI trek are one of the beautiful trek located in Sagarmatha (Mt Everest, Chomolungma) National Park in the Khumbu region Nepal. It’s a dream destination for alpine hiking lovers and also those who did not trek before and cannot trek before. 

A worthy hike to Gokyo Lake and its RI has amazing scenes of 4 Eight Thousanders Lhotse (8516m), Makalu (8585m), Worlds Mother Mountain- Mt Everest (8850m), and Cho-Oyu (8201m) with Gokyo Glacier Lake and Gokyo Village. 

Summit of Gokyo RI is a pleasant destination for all travelers. Which peak not technically difficult or no need mountain climbing skill. Trekkers only need a perfect acclimatization-friendly itinerary, wish, and perseverance. Who you hiking Gokyo RI or peak which is the highest point of this trek can see the Panoramic peak of many snow Himalaya peaks on the top of Khumbu and Zangmala Glacier with MT. Everest Best view. 

According to our itinerary and programs, you have perfect acclimatization at 3440m best hospitality of trekking crews, good food, and smooth trekking more than 98percentage of trekker’s success to reach on the summit of Gokyo RI. So we suggested you take a guide and porter for easy carry backpack and easier yourself in destination information. Gokyo RI trek route is Physically Challenging and required good preparation of packing with past hiking experience.

Trekking general information

Trekking distance: 95 km
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult (But Not Technical skill need)

Maximum Elevation: 5355m (Gokyo RI)
Day trekking period: 5 to 7 hours


Gokyo Ri Trek Route:

Kathmandu- Lukla- Phakding- Namche- Khumjung- Dole- Machhermo- Gokyo- Gokyo RI- Dole- Namche- Monju- Lukla- Kathmandu.

Gokyo RI Trek Packing List:

During your packing, you can pack your trekking gears in small plastic bags that can protect you during heavy rain and snow. Use the strongest bag which not tear. Otherwise, the worst sleeping bag and down jacket make trekking not fun and successful. Please Stay dry and have full with our trekking adventure. Packing carefully and slowly all of the listed Equipment we suggest. If confuse ask the questions with our experts. 
Trekking Gear: 
Footwear: Trekking Boots (Gore-Tex, Waterproof, and use at least some days before trek due to protect from Blister)
Trekking Shoes: For lower altitude trekking or teahouses wear except hiking time very useful instead of the slipper. 
Warm Socks and think socks for trekking and teahouses wear. 
Clothing: Headwear: Cap and Buff with a warm hat can find in Thamel at a very low cost
Fleece gloves and wool gloves.
 Down jacket with the hoods (we suggest -10 degree)
Waterproof jacket windproof hood and Skirts.
Waterproof pants
Trekking Pants (lightweight) 
Sleeping bag (lightweight and very good quality)
Quality thermal underwear
Lightweight fleece
Warm fleece
Shorts hiking pants for lower elevation hiking
T-Shirts at least 3 pairs
Raincoat or Poncho
Light dress for Photographs very good 
Other Equipment’s:
Day backpack and Porter duffel backpack with rain covers.
Sunglasses (need good quality)
Microfiber towel (No towel provided by teahouses during trekking)
Thermos and water bottle.
Head torch for morning sunrise hike or sunset hike after back to Hotel
Personal First-aid Kit with medicines
Trekking poles
Lip Balm and Sun cream (SPF 50 or more Suggested)
Sanitary napkins (wet)
Toilet paper and other paste Brush.
Camera with enough memory card and Mobile Phone
Power banks and Pairs of batteries for the Camera.
Pencils and notebook for Daily writing
Playing cards and reading books for teahouses free time. 
Note: There is no medicine for altitude sickness. The main things you need to have good acclimatization and slow walking. We suggest if you are good confident on trek no need medicine. Diamox helps a little faster.
After you reach an altitude of 3000m start take a Diamox 250mg medicine in the morning just 1 per day. It helps to hikes more tolerate with height.
Hypoxia and vitamin:
Prepare the body without stress and mountain diet take 2 Vitamins before start the trek
 For increasing the Physical activity recommend taking Hypoxen before 1 week prior to the trek. 

Best Time to Go Gokyo Ri and Gokyo Lake: 

There are two main trekking seasons for the Himalayas. Autumn(Mid-September to Mid-December) and Spring (March to Late May). If hikers go in the Winter season like December late, January, and February the lake has lots of snow and ice means lakes hidden under the ice. 

view from Gokyo ri hiking
If you go in spring blooming Rhododendron forests and clear weather make incredible contrasting pictures against the background of blue sky and the White Mountains. If you go in summer, clouds the Himalayan peaks. Spring attracts the trekkers and climbers of Everest Summit as well.
Especially autumn is very clear and no clouds in the Himalayas. The snow practically melts and lakes are eye-catching with bright blue color water. Normally autumn constant clear weather. So the best time to Visit Gokyo RI is autumn and Springs.  

How to Prepare Gokyo Lake Trekking: 

This trekking in fact sleeps in teahouses and lodges so relatively light trekking with less stress. We suggest hiring a porter we warmly suggest for our valuable trekkers.  The porters carry around 25 kgs that’s why trekkers can trek only with a day backpack of a warm jacket, Money passport, and drinking water with travel documents. 
The trekkers have past experiences and good physical fitness have better than less past experiences trekkers. Prior to the trekking 7 to 10 kilometer running 2 or 3 times per week at least 1 month ago, Cardio exercise and squats are best suited for prepare Himalaya hiking. Better your physical condition better you will be able to endure the height. 

Why Gokyo Lake and RI trek:

Exploring the top of the world and enjoy the Himalayan mountains with the landscape of Amadablam, Cho Oyu with alpine lakes Gokyo which is incredibly turquoise water makes this hike special attractive. We have such an interesting climb of significance heights like Everest View Hotel and Gokyo RI 5330m are best viewpoints during Gokyo RI trek.

Half of the trails full of greenery and always majestic giants of Himalayan Plateaus. Most of the trekkers and porters follow the classic Everest base camp routes so this trek has fewer people and looking solitude and peace with nature. The views and same worth like Everest Base Camp's classic trekking trails. 

While trekking through Gokyo Lakes and Gokyo RI. See as many as four eight-thousanders = Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Cho-Oyu.

Glacier near gokyo
Ascend to the top above Gokyo RI- it is located on the spur of the beautiful Gokyo valley and offers the best views of Everest and the world's biggest Zangmala glacier.
Experience the Sherpa culture of an exotic country Nepal.
Make new friends with common interests and expand the boundaries of your consciousness.
You will visit the Gokyo Valley and Lakes - this is where brave climbers begin their journey to the Cho Oyu. 
Take great photos of the high mountain lakes of Gokyo (4,650 - 4,980 m)
See some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the Himalayas
Enjoy an unforgettable Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu flight. He deserves a separate story.
Visit the main attractions of Kathmandu - Swoyambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhnath, and Ancient Durbar Square.

Lukla Flight Information: 

Due to the weather and air traffic Lukla flight delay or canceled much time during any season or off-season of trekking. Because Lukla is a remote part of Nepal at a higher altitude. In case the flight canceled we will pros pond the ticket for next morning if seats are available. In case the tickets not available the tourist has their own responsibility to add on the cost for a helicopter rescue flight.

Normally the cost US$ 500 per person if we find helicopter sharing seats. In case cannot find a charter flight of Helicopter US$ 2500 to 3500 per helicopter. Depends on your payment and availability the guide help you and give your information about the Helicopter. Noted that in case we cannot fly we need to extend the itinerary or use the acclimatization contingency day to manage and reach our goal to Gokyo RI
Depending on weather conditions the guide and company have the authority to change the program. We will take your advice too prior to the change.
Accommodation in Gokyo RI Trek:
In Kathmandu, we will provide a 3-star standard hotel including breakfast. We provide a double room or twin room as sharing. In Case if you like a single supplement US$ 40 add-on cost per day.
During the trekking, we stay in local lodges. The toilet and shower outside the room and sharing with numerous travelers. 

Sometimes we will provide the inside toilet room and inside shower room free of cost if available. But for Luxury Lodge like Yeti Mountain Home or Everest View hotel, you need to pay US$ 240 per night and book in advance. That called Luxury lodge trekking. The rooms are very simple and sometimes 2 to 3 beds per room.

We will recommend bringing your own sleeping bag for trekking. Sometimes if you feel very cold we can ask owners for extra blankets depends on availability. For individual accommodation US$ 50 per person for the full trekking. But sometimes cannot be available during high season. You need to eat your dinner and breakfast where you sleep. Lunch during the middle of trekking. 
Meals during the trekking.
Different varieties of Meals are available during trekking. You can choose your own meal and freedom to eat any place during your stay in Kathmandu but during the trek, you must eat the meals dinner, and breakfast where you sleeping. Lunch can be according to your guide any parts middle of your trekking. 

Extremely varied meals like different types of Pasta, Eggs, Soups, Pizza, Rice, Momo, Potatoes, Noodles, and pastry are available in teahouses. The interesting news that the same meal in different lodges is different tastes and different ways of making and locally prepared. Food price rises according to elevation gained due to transportation.

Do not take meat according to our past experience due to the meat not fresh in the mountain. Carried from city and porters from Lukla. Other eggs, Cheese, and vegetables are fresher for your safety and good health. 
Until Namche is normal electricity can find. You can charge your battery and power bank fully every day. After Namche, they have solar panel charging and lights. So bring your own flashlight for the trek. Sometimes the power not work in higher elevation.

Charging available only at the dining hall with an add-on cost of US$ 2 to 5 depends on elevation gained. For Power bank and Big Battery or computer, they charge US$ v10 to 15 per full charge in higher elevation.
Mobile internet and call and WIFI
During the trekking till Mongla the signal of mobile working and internet too. AFTER their sometimes the signal working sometimes not. The internet not stable in mountains. The connection is very poor. 
Everest Link WIFI is available in every lodge.

You can buy Wi-Fi from 200MB to 30 GB and use it during the whole trekking until your data finish. This internet is very expensive but fast. Some Cafes in Namche internet are free of cost. The Wi-Fi Card US$ 5 or US$ 20 to US$ 30 depends on your GB.
Hot Shower:
All the entire routes Gas shower are Available. In some places solar also available. During all the routes need to pay extra for hot showers. In higher elevation after 4000, we do not recommend travelers take a shower.

We suggest you bring wet tissue to clean. Some places cannot find a shower from the gas they provide bucket showers can use. The Hot shower cost in trekking US$3 to 10 depends on altitude. 
Acute Mountain Sickness in Gokyo Trek:
This trek brings hikers at an elevation over 5300 meters so probably they have the feeling of Acute Mountain Sickness. For sea level and inexperienced hikers will be more possibility of AMS compared then experienced hikers. Sometimes even the best altitude takers also affect by AMS. We suggest our valuable trekkers always hydrated with fluids.

Drinks at least 3 to 4-liter water in a day. Walk slowly in higher elevation, and every 1000 m gain rest 1 day to acclimatize your body. Then you will be a success your mission or goal to reach Gokyo RI Summit. 
Local Money for Gokyo RI Trek: 
Normally US$ and Euro very common in Nepal. When you arrive in Kathmandu please exchange your money in Thamel. Numerous teahouses no accept US$ also. Even they accept they give less rate. According to 2021 beginning one US$ equivalent to local Nepalese currency 116.

For best rates, the guide can bring you to a favorite location. You can exchange US$ 500 around before trekking for your extra payments. Please bring some cash because payments through credit cards and ATMs have great restrictions and sometimes not working properly. 
Required Documents:
A visa of Nepal issued by Immigration with passport validity at least 6 months necessary for Nepal entering. The cost of US$ 30 needs to pay for 15 days visa.

If you stay more than 15 days to 1 month need to pay US$ 50 and 90 days US$ 100 to the Immigration. And Bring return tickets details as well. Bring some photos and must bring the travel insurance covering emergency evacuation. 
During the day in trekking the temperature around+20 degree. At night it decreases to zero. But the highest overnight stay in Gokyo the temperature drops to -15 degrees. And inside the room -5 degrees. Normally during the high seasons, the mountain weather is clean and clear sky but from evening clouds coming.

The weather is different according to trekking routes and elevations. For more details of weather please ask our expert before trekking due to the weather different depend on spring, Autumn, Winter, and Spring season. 

How to getting there and away from Gokyo RI Trek: 

The beginning point of the trek:
Everest region's most common and traditional route is a flight to Lukla which is the most dangerous airport in the world due to its height and every year few accidents happened here. Lukla situated at 2805m and the airport situated side of the Dudhkoshi River with a 24-degree runway not flat. Normally this exciting flight from Kathmandu takes 26 to 35 minutes and from Ramechap 20 minutes.

They are flights from Phaplu that also take 10 to 15 minutes. During the peak season like spring and autumn, numerous travelers booked the flight so due to only one airport in Kathmandu, the air traffic or Runway is busy in Kathmandu. So flight easily delay. We warmly suggest our valuable trekker's book early morning 1st or second phase flight. Sometimes even in the high season mountain weather change suddenly so cannot fly to Lukla on time. 

view from gokyo trekking
If you avoid the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla or Ramechap to Lukla we suggest taking a helicopter flight which costs US$ 500 to US$600 per person in sharing flight. 
If the travelers have more holiday they can take a bus or car to Jiri or Salleri and from there also they can start their trekking to Gokyo Peak. It takes 7 hours to drive to Jiri from Kathmandu. But if you choose this route through JIRI you need to buy another Gaurishankar conservation area permits that cost US$ 27 or equivalent to NPR.
The finish point of Gokyo Trek:
The finish point of the trek also Lukla because after reach to Gokyo RI trekkers need to back from the same way. In case if they choose Gokyo RI and Chola pass trek till EBC they have another way back to Sanasa but from Namche to Lukla the trail same for all trekkers. The trek finishes at Lukla and the full tour finish at Kathmandu.
Option 1: Extension of Gokyo RI Trek with Chola Pass and Everest Base Camp Traditional trek
The most beautiful trek on the Everest region is Everest Base camp Trek, One high pass like Chola or Renzo or Kong Ma la and Himalayan Glacier Lake all in one trek. This trek called Gokyo Chola pass trekking. This trek technically not difficult but physically difficult and demanding trek as compared Gokyo RI trek due to the High pass.

Another best thing about this trek is the three best Everest region viewpoints like Gokyo RI, Chola Pass Summit, and Kalapatthar in one trek. The itinerary of this trek as follows.
Option 2: Gokyo RI with Renjo La Pass Trek: 
Many trekkers do not like to trek the same route twice time in one trek if they have the option so Gokyo RI trek if connect with Renjo La pass their trek more attractive due to Renjo La pass summit viewpoints. Hiking from Thame and pass Renjo beginning or start from Gokyo and finish through Thame close wise can have two options for travelers.

This trek has another attractive village Thame and several monasteries of Thame make interesting the trekkers. This trek is remote and peaceful for many trekkers as compared to traditional trek or Gokyo trek as well. Here is the itinerary for the Gokyo trek with Renjo La pass.
Third Option: Jiri to Gokyo RI Trek:
The most traditional or oldest option when Everest trek beginning time is start trek from Jiri either trekkers choose EBC trek or Three Pass Trek or Gokyo Chola Pass trek or more. Some travelers have enough holiday duration and do not take the flight to Lukla for this option is appropriate.

After driving from Kathmandu to Jiri for 7 hours, they can start the trek and they can finish either in salleri or Lukla or Jiri after reach to Gokyo. Numerous trekking goes through land but boring in the same way back so they choose the Flight from Lukla to Kathmandu or Lukla to Ramechap.

The altitude of Jiri is 1950 meters so the possibility of Mountain sick for those trekkers is less chance due to the adapt altitude day by day as comparing the trekkers who flight to Lukla 2850m in one day directly. The Itinerary and elevation chart as follows.

The difficulty of Gokyo RI Trek:

Several trekking destinations in Nepal. As compared to the trekking grade Gokyo trek is a Moderate trekking destination of Nepal. Because of no need for climbing technical skills for this trek. 
Hikers need to trek 5 to 8 hours daily and around 10 kilometers in 1 day so it’s not too difficult for them. Even less tourist trek this trail this trekking view better than classic EBC trek views only a few people know that because their aim just reaches Everest Base Camp.

Above the elevation after Namche altitude is the main difficulty for this trek in the alpine region. The possibility of AMS makes trekking more difficult than the trails and path. So all the trekkers we recommend walk slowly and take acclimatization day according to itinerary the trek will easier.

Please do not forget to bring high altitude evacuation insurance before coming to Nepal. Another main factor is weather conditions and flight. Due to bad weather, some trekkers cannot take flight in Lukla and they spent more acclimatization day in Kathmandu so without acclimatization difficult for them. If travelers choose the winter for trekking due to their holiday then winter more cold and icy on trails.

It makes trek difficult and not worthy as well. If they choose rainfall or spring season flight can be canceled anytime and the path more slippery, the clothes with a sleeping bag can wet, and also the mountain covers by cloud then trek more difficult. In concluding even this trek considered moderate by the several factors that make trek sometimes difficult. Please prepare yourself before 1 month then the trek. 

Gokyo Ri Trek Permits:

2 years ago the rule changing in the Everest region in the factor of permits. Before 2 years trekkers need Trekkers Information Managements permits and Everest National Park permits. Now the rule changes. TIMS card is not necessary for this trek. But another local Pasang Lhamu Municipality local permits as a cost of RS 2000 need for all Everest route trekkers. 

Another Permit is Sagarmatha or Everest National Park Permits issued by the National Park office. The tickets you can buy either in Kathmandu or Monjo. It costs RS2000 or 2000 local Currency of Nepal. But for the SAARC country RS1500. We suggest all our valuable travelers buy tickets in Monjo in case buy in Kathmandu due to the numerous possibility of flights canceled. But the local permits only can buy in Lukla after your flight.

In case if trekkers trek from Jiri they need to buy 3 permits. Gaurishankar Conservation area permits (RS3000) and Khumbu Municipality local permits with Sagarmatha national park permits. All the permits need to buy in local currency. 

Gokyo Lake Trek Insurances: 

Safety is the first priority of all visitors around the world not only in Nepal. Trekking in the Himalayas riskier due to no hospital facilities in a higher elevation than the lower elevation. Even this trek is moderate trekking the trekkers need to reach a higher elevation of more than 5000m. Some trekkers are strenuous GOKYO RI trek. 

Many trekkers feel Acute Mountain sickness as compared to other sicknesses in trekking in Nepal if they choose alpine trekking. So we request all the trekkers buy a good insurance policy that must cover higher altitude evacuation insurances of helicopter rescue in case of emergency. Make sure before you buy the policy.

All the medical fees and the rescue if include you feel safer and that makes you, more comfortable during the trek as compared to the trekkers who do not have this policy. Many trekkers from Europe buy World Nomads. We do not recommend the local insurance company of Nepal for higher altitude insurance. 

Solo trek or organized trek:

Solo Trek: 
Also named as independent Gokyo RI Trek. Only a few trekkers choose solo trekking in Nepal. Due to higher risk in higher altitude. The trail is well sighed so no difficult to find the trails. That means without a local guide and porter also can do this trek. You can more flexible during the trek. The demerits of the trek are backpack transportation and flight with permits need to buy own.
This trek more Budget than guided trekking through the company
Itinerary and day plan more flexible.
Take more photography in your own timing. 
New friends make easily and more exploring with locals than dependent trek
More risk in the Himalayan region if you are lonely in trails.
Organizing all things yourself more inconvenient like higher busy elevation guide book the room earlier so independent trekkers cannot get.
Nobody helps you in case feel sick at night and if you need to back instantly in lower elevation.
Dependent trek with Guide:

machhermo on the way of gokyo trek
Some parts of Nepal trekkers cannot go trek without a guide or porter in adventure regions like Manaslu, Upper Mustang, and Dolpo. We warmly request all the trekker's trek with a guide if you go higher elevation like 5000m.

The guided tour all managed by your guide and porter that make your trek more easy and convenient. You no need to worry. Booking the teahouses, ordering food, Making permits, Transportation, and flight very convenient for locals. You support the local business too. The guide gives little boundary in trekking but the guide always tries to make best due he has future and company responsibility.
No stress to booking the trip, flights, permits, and transportation even the mountain room. 
Safer from lonely if trek alone. 
The guide gives the best information about the place and the mountains with culture.
In a bad situation your staff ready 24 hours to help you.
A little expensive than a solo trek.
Less freedom and adventure. 
More boundaries follow the guide instructions. 

Trek cost for Gokyo Lake trekking

Depends on the guided trek and solo trek the cost can be different. Numerous factors take a vital role in the price of Gokyo Lake trekking. Like.
What kind of food do you choose?
What kind of guide and which language the guide speaks?
Guide experience or just starting?
Take a flight or trek through Jiri?
A number of days less or more?
What kind of Hostels do you stay in trekking and in Kathmandu?
You take porter or carry luggage by yourself?
How many Tips do you like to Give your trekking crews?
What type of drinks do you take in trekking?
We will give you some Hint for a Cost breakdown for your guided trek with a local company instead of traveling solo. That gives you information on solo trekking as well.
Type of services in Gokyo lake Trek Budgets
Gaurishankar Conservation Area permits US$ 27
Pasang Lhamu Local permits US$ 17 to 18
National park Permits of MT Everest US$ 27
Flight ticket to Lukla ad Back from Lukla (round trip) US$ 320-US$ 360
Chopper flight round trip US$ 500 to US$ 600
10 days Guide cost US$ 250
10 days Food Cost US$ 350 to US$ 500
Porter salary for 10 days US$ 200
Kathmandu to Jiri Local Bus US$ 5 to US$ 8
Private transport from Kathmandu to Jiri US$ 120
Teahouse for 9 nights US$ 50
Battery Charge, WIFI, and Hot Shower for 10 days US$ 150

Hints to make your Gokyo trek best 

Take the best Camera or Good Mobile phone for the enchanting Himalayas vistas.
Bring enough cash then taking credit cards or ATMs due to Himalaya is remote regions.
Bring portable 2 pins charger and enough memory, Pairs of the extra battery will recommend.
Bring good quality gear Sleeping bag, Down Jacket, and trekking boots. If you trek in winter do not forget crampons.
Very few places have ATMs and Banks. Namche and Lukla have till now but not stable working sometimes. 
Take some physical exercise 1 month prior to the trek. 
Choose 1-time wear shoes instead of fresh ones due to blister.
Bring some water purification tablets instead of buying mineral water in the mountains because it’s very expensive. Also plastic bottle pollution in nature.


Conclusion of Gokyo Trek:

As compared to the classic Everest base camp trek, the Gokyo lake trek is fewer crowds and a view of Glacier Lake. The view of Mt. Everest from Gokyo RI Better than Everest Base Camp or Kalapatthar. In case if you have the extra holiday.

we suggest taking 1 contingency day in case of bad weather for flight or if you like more acclimatization in Gokyo Lake. If you like to go to Cho Oyu base camp or fifth Lake it's a better option. Due to better acclimatization, hospitality, and friends fitness this trek easy to moderate for our past trekkers' experience with us.

Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu:
In an ancient architectural capital city Kathmandu we will meet you in the airport and your guide greets you with flowers or Khada then transfer to the Hotel located in Thamel- a tourist Hub. 
After check-in hotel in Thamel, travelers have relaxation and free time for showers and refreshments.

In the afternoon can buy the necessary equipment which you do not have in a nice and noisy street in Thamel. Evening we will give you a welcome dinner with an introduction to your guide and a briefing about the programs you will going to do.
Day 02: Flight to Lukla (2810m) and Trek to Phakding (2651m)

Lukla Airport Nepal

Get up very early and drive to Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport or Ramechap Airport for a Domestic flight to Lukla (one of the trekking starting points of classic Everest Base camp Trek. Remember that the flight sometimes on time but sometimes not due to weather and air traffic. 
Everyone at this airport seems busting and running with crowds due to the very small and only one international airport of Nepal. Due to weather and left window seating if you lucky luck and smile bring in your face due to see Himalayan peaks during flights. Probably it's a 20 to 30 minutes flight. 
After the successful flight from Kathmandu to Lukla or Ramechap to Lukla, we can take breakfast or lunch depends on flight time. Then introduce to your porters then they prepare your luggage. 
Today you will be going to trek short duration and a little downhill than Lukla due to a higher elevation flight from Kathmandu (1350m) to Lukla (2810m). Trek along the Dudhkoshi riverside and stay in Phakding after 3 hours trekking.
Trekking duration: 3 to 4 hours Maximum.
Day 03: Trek to Namche Bazaar (3440m)

uphill trek near Namche
Today the beginning trails are compared easy means the difference in altitude also a few meters. Not a steep part. The trails alongside a deep gorge with forests. We can explore six thousanders-climbing Himalaya (Thamserku) 6608m. The entry point and main gate of Sagarmatha National Park you check your permits or buy then lunch after 10 min walking down from there on the side of Dudhkoshi river- Jorsalle.
After lunch, we will trek smooth road till beautiful Bridge then difficult uphill to Namche where we spent 2 night. A larger village and gateway of Everest with Post office, Bank, and several shops.  

Day 04: Acclimatization Hike to Everest View Hotel (3880m)

namche to Everest View hotel

Due to the very higher elevation of the trek until Namche we need to acclimatize our body with height so need to give the body time to get used to the new conditions and heights.
For Good acclimatization, we will go to Everest View hotel after breakfast in Namche. After taking a tea break there we go further to Khumjung which village is the Summiteer home of Sherpa climbers.

We can explore Yeti the snowman Scalp Head in Khumjung Monastery. The views along the trails are Mesmerizing with Everest (8850m) and Lhotse. The hotel Running by Japanese and Expensive. We probably Lunch in Khumjung Visits the Streets and Potato Fields, School of Sir Edmond Hillary, and heading another village Khunde with Hillary Hospital then Back to Namche on the way from Syangboche airport.

Due to good acclimatization. Tomorrow's trek will be Easy.
Day Hike duration: 4 hours

Day 05:Trek to Dole (4200m)

namche to SanasaGain new altitude today more than 4200m. This height seems half of Summit of Everest Height! Today trekkers are accompanied by Many Himalayan peaks like Nuptse(7861m)Thamserku(6608) Ama Dablam(6814m)are Incredibly beautiful. From Time to time we saw the slopes of the higher Himalaya and yak along the trails. Please when yak passing the way give them the riverside.

Sometimes they kick the travelers so hillside trek is better according to our experience. Yak and porters are Transportation the goods in teahouses. Probably we will Lunch at Mongla Viewpoint or PhortseThanga then uphill to Dole. After reaching Dole we will hike a little for good acclimatization. The golden rule of Acclimatization is Trek Higher and sleep lower.
Trekking duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Day 06: Trek to Machhermo_4470m) Briefing about the Mountain Sickness:

dole to Machhermo
Today trekking easier as compared to another day. Short trekking and just 6 kilometers and gain just 270-meter altitude. We will finish trekking until Lunchtime. After lunch, we take a rest and walk around Machhermo and its surroundings. At 4 pm we will go to the lecture on Altitude sickness. If trekkers not interested rest in tea houses and a sunny seat outside and relax. 
Trekking time: 3 hours to 4 hours 

Day 07: Trek Gokyo Lake (4800m) 

Machhermo to Gokyo Lake

Today we will trek until one of the beautiful lakes in the world or high Mountain Glacial Lake Gokyo. There are several Gokyo Lake but we will stay the third one. We will pass 3 places during the trekking like Longpong(4660m) Tauzhun(4705m) and DudhPokhari(4757m). We will see the beautiful view of Cho- Oyu and Ngozumpa Glazier.

After Lunch, we can have a sunset view in Gokyo RI. Today probably the best significant and difficult day for trekking. Gokyo RI (5330m) gives the scales of Himalayan Mountains Surroundings. Not everyone success to reach such an altitude. If the weather is bad we will rest in the hotel and wait the next day for Sunrise hiking to Gokyo RI.

Day 08: Trek back to Dole? 4200m)

view from Gokyo peak
Last day if the weather is bad we will wake very early for a hike to Gokyo RI. It’s extremely cold. We will ascent 4 in the morning and meet beautiful sunrise alone on the trails or from the summit. We will see the magnificent view of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Cholatse, Tabuche, Makalu, and Cho Oyu.

After resting on the summit for around half-hour we will back to Gokyo village and breakfast. Then go back to Dole for Overnight. 
Trek duration: 3 hours Gokyo RI Hike, 5 hours to Dole back.

Day 09: Trek back to Monjo

namche to Monjo

After finish the main part of trekking to Gokyo RI we will descend to Namche and take a delicious pastry in Namche. We will Lunch and rest for a while.

Almost goodbye to several Himalayan peaks. After lunch, we will beautiful descend to Monjo and check out your permits of Sagarmatha National Park main entrance gate. 
Trekking Duration: 5 hours 

Day 10: Trek to Lukla:

Himalayan thar

Tome to Goodbye all the trek and peaks today. Descend today until Phakding along the familiar path and crossing several suspension bridges. Can see Kwong De, Thamserku, and Kusum Mountain only. Many of the trails along the riverside until Phakding and lunch there. Finally, trails are flat and uphill to Lukla.

After finish trekking, we can enjoy coffee and confirm the ticket to Kathmandu or Ramechap for the next day. Today you can give a celebration party to your staff of trekking as a succession your trekking on the behalf of their hospitality.
Trekking Duration: 4 to 5 hours.

Day 11: Fly to Kathmandu 

kathmandu airport

Depends on your luck or good weather you can have a very early morning flight or need to wait. After a flight to Kathmandu or Ramechap, you will be driven back to Kathmandu Hotels by your guide.

Then you can Massage Spa or relax in City culture. Evening we will go for farewell dinner and share our trekking experience with our office representative. 
Flight duration: 20 to 30 Minutes.

Day 12: Departure to Your home
 The sweet trekking programs finishing today. If you have more holidays you can book additional activities like Kathmandu day tour, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Jungle safari, and many more. If not today you can have shopping the souvenirs for your friend and home. We will drop you at the airport in 3 hours than your flight according to Nepal Civil aviation rule. End the programs. 

Cost Details

What is included?

Meeting on the airport first day in the airport and all airport to hotel transfers during domestic and international flight time.
Accommodation in Kathmandu 2 nights according to the above-mentioned program with breakfast in a 3-star standard Hotel.
Accommodation in lodges during the trekking in twin sharing room (add-on single supplement US$ 50 if rooms are available in the mountain)
Air transfer from Kathmandu or Ramechap to Lukla and Lukla to Kathmandu or Ramechap with all airport tax
All necessary permits like Sagarmatha National park entry permits and Khumbu Municipality local permits.
Guide services during the programs (First-Aid Trained, English Spoken, Ministry of tourism trained, with salary food accommodation and Insurances.
Strong Sherpa porter during trekking with his salary food and insurances from Lukla.
First Aid Kits with your guide. 
A welcome or Farewell dinner according to your itinerary in Kathmandu's typical Nepali restaurant.
Equipment’s for trekking just sleeping bag and down jackets- in case you do not have (must return after trek complete)

What is not included?

International flights from and to Nepal.
Medical Insurance including helicopter evacuation in case of emergency.
Nepalese Visa cost (US$ 30 for 15 days, US$ 50 for 1 month)
Excursions in Kathmandu (US$ B70 per person including guide, transportation, and entrance tickets)
Tipping for local guides and porters (Tips Not mandatory but expected or glad to see it)
The expenses not mentioned in the programs. 
Kathmandu city Lunch and dinner.
Drinks and beverages in trekking, hot shower, Battery charges, Hot and cold water.

Customer Reviews

What my friend say is true.

Sindre | Norway

Rating: 5

Chose Mission Himalaya for our Nepal trekking to Gokyo lake as my friend recommend this company. They were extremely helpful in organizing what my friend says is true. Arranged a very good hotel in trekking, all the staff were very accommodating. Our guide Chhanda was extremely helpful. Great experience, highly recommended guide and porter help.

Bring best mobile or camera for photos.

Reider | Canada

Rating: 5

The Gokyo trek was so fantastic. Our guide Dil was very knowledgeable about the mountain and trails with Khumbu culture. He was so friendly and made our trip very fun with jokes and special. He was able to regularly check our oxygen levels in the mountains and give good suggestions for foods to eat to keep our bodies working well throughout the trek like soup and drinks and foods. The views were unbelievable. Bring the best camera or mobile for Future photos.



$1,495 18% OFF

* Group Discount Available

why travel

Customer care and safety/A trustworthy team.

No hidden cost/A trustworthy company.

Financially secure/Repeated guests.

Flexible departure date/group size. 

High successful rate/safety.

Stress-free travel/worry-free travel.

Staff welfare/Contribution to our society.

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