Peak Climbing

Travelers who are interested in climbing high mountains and enjoy it as an adventurous sport should definitely try Peak climbing.

Island Peak Climbing is suitable for the beginning climbers and experienced trekking where it is physically demanding but not technically challenging. From the summit of Island Peak, you can get a panoramic view of many famous mountains.

Mera peak is one of the highest trekking peaks in Nepal where climbers observe the major five 8000m peaks. Mera peak climbing is most preferable in the spring and autumn season to get stunning views of the Himalayan Vista.

Peak Climbing is one of the most done activities in Nepal as you will get mountains of your choice to climb and make a lifetime memory with you.

Peak Climbing in Nepal is an undertaking sport into the mountains Expedition of high Himalayas over six thousand meters and experience in addition to.  Trekking Peaks of Nepal offers side interest climbers a chance to handle high Himalayan pinnacles a noteworthy endeavor. This is a lot simpler than endeavor.