Trekking Cost

Kathmandu cost

The choice of hotel will largely determine the amount spent on the basics, location and the grade of hotels. A double room with common bathroom facilities goes for US$ 4 to 9  and with attached bathroom US$ 10 – 20 and a very clean pleasant one or 2-star room us$20-30. The 3 stars around 30 to 70 US$ and the 4 to 5 star US$ 80 to 300. Food is at a more reasonable price. If you avoid the most expensive restaurants you can have a meal for US$ 2 to 6. US$ 10 to 12 a day is plenty. Soft drinks less than 1 US$ where the big bottle of beer US$ 4 to 7. For the budget traveler US$ 150 a week for cheap hotels, good food but such as flight, rafting, souvenir, sightseeing by private vehicle and long tour that will largely impact your budget.  With much less than 150 US$ per week budget traveler, careful budgeting is required.

Trekking Budget:

For good food and accommodation, luxurious trekkers can spend more than US$ 40 per day. While lodge charge under US$5 for double room common toilet. Some of the attached toilets room charged US$ 6 to 20 by some hotels. Chocolate, beer, coke is not cheap in trekking. Like in Annapurna the price of coke US$ 4 to 5. So it best to take perhaps US$ 300 for 1 week. The trekking permits for individual trekkers US$ 42.6  for ACAP and TIMS. If you planning to guided trek to hire guide and porter please feel free to contact Mission Himalaya Treks And Expeditions PVT Ltd.

in the trekking is so expensive so a better hire guide and porter in Kathmandu is better. Because if you hire staff from trekking company they are insured while those hired independently on the trail are not secure. Some tourists hired porter-guide too. Their cost around UD$ 15 to 30. Total organized trek with guide porter food and accommodation transportation and insurance will be around US$ 70 to US$ 120 per day.

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