Festivals In Nepal

Festivals in Nepal:

1, Bisket Jatra:

On the day of Baisakh Sakranti New years day according to our local calendar, a special ceremony is held in Bhaktapur which is at a distance of nine miles from Kathmandu. As a part of this Ceremony Known, a "Bisket Jatra" two wooden poles are brought to represent Male and female ones of which the one supposed to be a male is raised upright at Yasinkhya in Bhaktapur. Two  "patakas" Cloth flappers are hung down on the erected pole to represent two deceased serpents who were, according to popular belief a Tantric and his wife in snake form. To justify the above rituals and the origin of this "Bisket Jatra" some legendary versions of stories are often repeated.

Once in the day of yore it so happened that who so ever become the king of Bhaktapur was found dead the same night. once a courageous king of the solar race took over the reign of Bhaktapur who kept awake for the whole night to know the cause of Such Mysterious deaths. At about midnight he found a snake came creeping towards him which is killed and in morning displayed it to the people.  

Muni Acharya a famous Tantric found lord Bishwonath of Vanarasi there and chased him so that he could be held here but could not catch him. Therefore he chopped his head when he was trying to escape through the earth in the form of Bhairav. This head of Bhairav was Installed in Bhaktapur and in 643AD King Jagat Narayan Malla is believed to have built a chariot for Bhairav and thus introduced the practice of drawing chariots with Bhairav and Kali in them round the town of Bhaktapur.

A Lichhavi king named Shiva Deva was attacked by a Kirat king and sought help from the Ganesh Bajrayogini who advised him to consult his preceptor Shekher Acharya who assumed the shape of thousands of tigers and chased the Kirat. After that, He names in his actual form with the help of the enchanted rice. He was persuaded by his wife to become a serpent. His wife in fear chewed the enchanted rice and become a she-serpent. She tried to get help from the king. The king being unaware, could not do anything. therefore they committed suicide which was discovered later. 

The city was Victim of Draught. the king Sought help from the preceptor. Because of this, in gratitude, the king started this Bisket Jatra Festival In Nepal.  

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