Souvenirs from Nepal

Nepal Country of beautiful snow capped mountains, green hills and flat low lands is the touristic hub for all kinds of tourists all over the world. Travelers to Nepal can Enjoy mountaineering, trekking, climbing, Expeditions, sightseeing and tours and many more adventure activities throughout the Nepal. Any travelers that travels in Nepal return to their country with the lifelong experiences and good memento for the future. Travellers to Nepal prefer to carry some of the beautiful soveniours from Nepal to their friend, family, relatives & love ones that will help them to make their Nepal trip much more effective and fruitful among their loved ones. Soveneiours from Nepal:

1. Thanka and Pauwa Paintings:

Thanka and Pauwa paintings are the indigenous painting done by the indigenous Newari people of the valley as well as the Buddhists followers. These paintings had been the choice of tourists to visit Nepal as they are made from indigenous knowledge by using complete natural colours. As natural colours are used in the Thanka and lots of human efforts are used in the paintings the Thanka paintings are usually expensive but it worth's making soveniours.

2. Nepali and Tibetian Garments:

Hand made Nepali and Tibetian garments are another soveniours that tourists of Nepal love to take with them. Garments are hand made from the wool of mountains animals and these garments are good looking, and durable. Tibetans garments are made by the Tibetan Refugees in the Tibetan refugees camp by the similar ways by hand and it will also help Tibetan people upgrade their life in Nepal as a Refugees. So Tibetan garments are the choices of Tourists in order to support Tibetan refugees.

3. Pasmina/Shawal:

Fine shawl or scarfs made from the mountain goat and yak are other tourist's attractions in Nepal for soveniours. These shawls are soft, light, good looking, delicate and very warm. These shawls are also hand waved. Pasmina in Nepal and kasmera In India are the name given to these shawls according to geography but the product is same.

4. Tea/coffee: Nepal is famous for organic high quality high grades Tea & Coffee.

Nepal had varieties of tea and coffee. Eastern part of Nepal is the tea hub in Nepal and that tea from eastern part of Nepal is liked by the western as well as asian tourists in Nepal. Tourists can buy all grades and qualities of Tea in the touristic areas of Nepal.

5. Gorkhali Khukuri:

Khukuri one of the most traditional weapons of Nepalese soldiers that gave recognition to Nepali people as brave Gorkhali is due to use of Khukuri i.e. Knife in the war against East India Company and during the first world war and second world war from Gorkha soldiers from the side of British soldiers. These weapons gave the identity of Nepalese people as brave so Tourists prefer to take these weapons with them as soveneours with them.

6. Himalayan Soup:

Himalayan soup made from the various medicinal herbs found in the mountains and hills of Nepal is another soveniours that tourists prefer to carry with them to their country as a soveniours. It is believed that the Himalayan soup from Nepal will help in curing the various skin diseases.

7. Antiques/Statues/Art/Craft:

Antiques items, arts and craft, statues of various gods and goddess are another soveniours that tourists prefer to carry as soveniours with them, after their fruitful visit to Nepal. These above mentioned items are some of the main items tourists visit Nepal carry souvenirs with them.

Note: Except these items there are lots of items and materials tourists can take with them as their travel souvenirs with them, according to their needs, choice, requirements and budget.

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